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   Flying Boat Endorsements

Kevin Bowe has been conducting seaplane endorsements for thirty six years. His main area of expertise is in floating hull training. With the correct basic training on the flying boat a pilot can safely and confidently experience the exhilarating and very rewarding world of seaplanes.

A floating hull endorsement combines the enjoyment of flying with the fun of boating.  Join the select few who have received the best flying boat training in Australia and the South Pacific and expanded their flying skills to be able to fully enjoy this specialised area of aviation.

In the USA and Canada, the qualification for seaplane training is of a rating status.  This allows for the instruction to cover all aspects of the operation of seaplanes, not just the ability to handle the aircraft to an endorsement level. It is to this rating standard that Kevin Bowe conducts his training, on his Lake Buccaneer or on your own flyingboat, and this gives the confidence and competence to really enjoy the many and varied aspects of seaplane flying and have -  the best of both worlds.

 This is a short segment of training in VH-BDK    


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If you are interested in a Float Endorsement you should contact one of the operators listed on the Seaplane Pilots Association Australia website   SPAA    www.seaplanes.org.au

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